School Leadership Team (SLT)

What is the SLT?

The School Leadership Team (SLT) is a collaborative team that consists of an equal number of parents and administration/staff who meet once a month to discuss topics that cover a wide range of issues: anything from the grading policy to building renovations. The SLT is also tasked to develop, via consensus, the school's goals and priorities in a Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP).

Who is the SLT?

The SLT always includes the Principal, UFT Chapter Leader, and a PTA President. The remaining members (an equal number of parents and staff) serve a two-year term. A parent or guardian can nominate him/herself during the nomination period (A flyer is always sent home during that time.) Elections for open positions are held annually in June.

What Does the SLT Do?

The SLT discusses numerous issues. Each month, an agenda is created from topics submitted by the principal, staff, and parents. If you have a general topic regarding an issue that affects the students at PS 32Q, please feel free to email the SLT and we will do our best to address the subject. Contact the SLT at:

Can I Attend an SLT Meeting?

SLT meetings are open to the public for observation, but participation is only open during scheduled times during the course of the meeting. Check the monthly school calendar for upcoming meetings.