Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Stand tall, Stand proud, Be you! 

While Geo the Giraffe is the iconic representation of P.S. 32, our motto, Stand Tall. Stand Proud. Be YOU!summarizes the core  beliefs of our school and offers a way to share our mission so that it is easily remembered, understood and lived by.   

At PS 32, we have a clear “vision” for learning and set goals that prepare us for the future. We believe in persevering through struggles, and picking ourselves up even after we fall. We appreciate that everyone has an individual name tag and comes with a personal story.  We recognize each other for our uniqueness and celebrate our diversities.  We seek new resources and work collaboratively to reach our goals.  At PS 32, we set “high” expectations and always aim to be “a neck above the rest!”

Vision Statement

At PS 32 we believe every person in our school community deserves to be seen, heard and valued.We are committed to becoming successful life long learners, with an understanding that the needs of the learner are varied and diverse. Respect and acceptance of each individual is at the heart of everything we do.